New costume

Hello there,   I have made a new costume during my summer break. It is Myoubi from the manga series Alichino. You can get more information by clicking on the image below.   Read more →

2 New costumes added

Hi there,   After a break for a few months I’ve finaly started working on costumes again beside college and internship. I have finished 2 costumes which is Chrono from the manga series Chrno Crusade and the Winter Spirit which is designed and created by myself.   You can visit the costume pages by clicking on the images below:  … Read more →

Full WCS report!

Hi there everyone! I finaly found some time to finish my report about the WCS, it is 12 pages long so please take your time to read it. I hope this gives you more information aboutĀ  the WCS!   WCS2011report Read more →

Website online!

Hi there everyone! Finaly I have my own portfolio website! Still busy with getting things right but I will get there! On this website I will placeĀ  my creations and will share some other work! The most information of the costumes I already own are up but more to come, so keep an eye here for updates! Have fun! Read more →