Alphonse Elric

Name: Alphonse Elric
Creator/designer: Hiromu Arakawa
Series: Fullmetal Alchemist (Hagane no Renkinjutsushi in Japanese)


Alphonse is a child who lost his body during an alchemic experiment to bring his deceased mother back to life, and had his soul “attached” to a suit of armor by his brother, Edward Elric. As a result, Alphonse is almost invincible as long as the seal from the armor is still intact, but is unable to feel anything. In order to recover their bodies, the Elric brothers travel around their country, Amestris, to obtain the Philospher’s Stone, an alchemical object that would be able to restore their bodies.


Working hours: 200+
Debuted: Abunai! 2010
Events: Abunai! 2010
Awards: 1st place at Abunai! ’10



Reason of creation:
This project started with one big joke, a friend of mine wanted to participate in the Cosplay Fashionshow of Abunai! as Edward Elric and said to me that she also wanted an Alphonse in armor at her side. I was laughing at her and called her crazy. After I visited a professional costumizer who makes mascotte costumes, she gived me the advise to work more with foamrubber. So I take that advise, and full inspiration I visited my friend again and said; Yeah I will be your Alphonse! So I made this costume together with my friend in 3 weeks and participated together with her in the Cosplay Fashionshow at Abunai!


Construction details:
Almost the whole costume is made from foamrubber covered with faux leather.
The big challenge was to make myself bigger than the person who is Ed since I am as “tall” as Ed himself.
So EVERYTHING of this costume is 2x bigger than myself!! I am wearing the head on my own head and I am looking trough the “grill” and in the feet are platforms of 10 cm high.


Materials used:

Polyether foam
Skai leather
Glue spray and kit
Foam board


Conclusion about this costume:
First mascotte costume I made and I discovered I like to make this types of costumes a lot!
I only don’t like to wear this costume, it is not very uncomfortable and heavy, but it is unpractical to wear.
I can only wear this on stage because I don’t have many vision.
I learned a lot from it and I will use my new knowlege in future projects but I will not wear this costume again.

Pictures taken by Gambatte! Photography

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