Name: Chrono
Creator/designer: Daisuke Moriyama
Series: Chrno Crusade


Chrono is stoic, loyal, kind, and somewhat quiet. This mild facade of a young boy belies a fierce, full-grown demon of infamous power and utmost rage. His contract with Rosette allows him to exist without his set of horns which were ripped from his head in an early battle with Aion prior to the initial storyline. Whenever his powers are sealed, Chrono retains the form of a young boy who appears extremely docile and rather charming, often surprising the humans he is familiar with. Although considered a “reformed” demon, Chrono has quite the temper, and if provoked will go into a terrifying rage that blinds him from most everything around him, including the people he cares about. Despite this, Chrono is deathly afraid of hurting others, or of being unable to protect those most important to him. 

Working hours: 100 – 200
100% done
Debuted: March 2012
Events: Japan Expo 2012, Connichi 2012, Nishicon 2012


Reason of creation:
In this innocent looking young boy, there is a great power hidden. He is afraid of hurting others and always will protect his beloved ones. I kinda feel the same as him and I realy love the story of the manga.


Construction details:
Because of the time period of the story which is around the 1920’s I tried to find and use materials from that period as much as possible.


I made the coat with the capelet from Melton Wool and lined it with viscose lining. The golden details are made from a metallic gold fabric which is extremely fragile. As stubborn I am I still wanted to use it because it has a nice shine but needed to be really careful when I sewed it on the collar. The other details are all based on the manga and made from craftfoam and resin.


The dress shirt with the hidden buttons is made from poplin, I had no idea which collar I wanted to make since it looks different in every reference, maybe it differs for real every time because the collar of dress shirts around that time was interchangeable. I decided not to make tons of different types of collars because I will loose them easily so I decided to make a classic collar which I simply sewed on the shirt.


The shirt under the dress shirt is made from a strechy fabric. The golden details is just as the coat made from the extremely fragile golden metallic fabric, I had to sew it on all by hand because the sewingmachine destroyed the fabric all the time.
The other details are manga based and made from resin.


The cummerbund is made from bridal satin.


The pants are made from viscose.


The legwarmers are made from Melton Cotton, lined and stuffed with tulle to give it the “poofy” look it has in the manga.


For the boots I used old boots I modfied with craftfoam and covered it with faux suede. The details are made from craftfoam. I based the tongue of the boot from the design of the manga, in de anime it is more pointy but I don’t like that design.


For the wig I used 2 long dark purple wigs. One to use as a base and the other one to destroy and fill up the base wig with to make the crazy full look Chrono has. The long braid makes the wig a but uncomfortable to wear but the weight itself is ok.


The headband is made from cotton and added 3 round metal studs and sewed it on the wig. The yellow ribbon in the braid is also made from cotton.


I made the latex prosthetic ears myself by making a negative mold of my own ears first from plaster. After I have made a positive of my ears I modified it into demon ears with air drying clay. Then I made a negative mold which I filled with latex. After the latex was dry I painted them.


Conclusion about this costume:
A comfortable costume but it got many loose parts I need to pay attention on to be sure I don’t forget anything. I think this costume is a bit too warm for in the summer and a bit too cold for in the winter.


Pictures taken by Tom Brouwers

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