Name: Myoubi
Creator/designer: Kouyu Shurei
Series: Alichino


Her name literally means “beautiful darkness”. A white haired, red-eyed alichino who protects Tsugiri. She is in love with Ryoko. She and Ryoko saved Tsugiri when he was a child. She does not act like other alichino and loves to fight them

Working hours: 100 – 200
100% done
Debuted: July 2012
Events: AnimeS-bg 7 2012,  Abunai! 2012
Awards: Best Female Cosplay at AnimeS-bg 7 2012


Reason of creation:
Myoubi looks innocent but she can be dangerous. She is not like other alichino. I really like the personality of Myoubi.


Construction details:
I made this dress from velvet and a 2 tone Italian Shimmering Silk with some nice satin laces and ribbon and lined it.
The “flower-like” details are from hot-fix stones.

The hat is from EVA foam covered with velvet, fake roses, wooden wire, satin ribbon and fake fur.

The wig is officialy a full straight wig, I had to style all the curls in the wig by myself.


Conclusion about this costume:
This is a very comfortable costume. Only a bit warm for in the summer. This is not a difficult costume to make, but a lot of people like the appearance.


Pictures taken by Gancho Angelov

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