Nanoha Takamachi

Name: Nanoha Takamachi
Creator/designer: Written by Masaki Tsuzuki, illustrated by Kōji Hasegawa
Series: Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS


An Aerial Tactics Combat Instructor of the HQ Armed Forces with her intelligent device Raising Heart Excelion and her best friends, has done great work for the TSAB. She is also called the “Ace of Aces” of the Bureau. She enlisted to Lost Property Riot Force 6 to aid Hayate for an upcoming danger. She’s the Commander of the Forward Stars Squad and also the Combat Tactics Instructor of the said unit. Despite her sweet and optimistic personality, is an S+  rank mage who will use force to subdue someone if absolutely necessary


Working hours: 200+
Debuted: Animecon 2009
Events: Animecon 2009, Chibicon 2010



Reason of creation:
Nanoha is the only “Magical Girl” I know who is not clumsy, has no crush on boys and is taking her job serious (sometimes too serious). I love the personality of Nanoha and the design of her Barrier Jacket and intelligent device. For me it was a challenge to start with this costume!


Construction details:
I used the patterns from a top of a strepless dress to make the corset, a standard pattern for the jacket which I made shorter, made the patterns for the cuffs and puffy sleeves myself after experimenting and making proof versions of it.
The skirt is a 3/4 circle skirt with blue folds and many triangles sewed on it.
The most difficult parts are the puffy sleeves and the collar.
I used a synthethic fabric for it.


For the boots I used standard white ankle boots which I modified with faux leather.
The details are from foam with a piece of pleather over it and the jewels are handmade with Model Clay painted it silver and painted it with blue glass paint over it.


The intelligent device Raising Heart Excellion has a base made from greyboard and a wooden stick.
I covered everything with lightweight but strong modeling clay, isolation material for more 3D and a plastic ball.


The wig exist out of 2 wigs, on used as a base and the 2nd one to make the pigtails.


Conclusion about this creation:
My first anime/manga related costume! My first time using a sewing machine and creating a complete costume.
Actually for a beginner a really difficult costume, but I made it with some help and tips from friends.
Sewing technical not the best but still gained a lot of compliments and I had tons of fun wearing it.


Pictures taken by Patrick Bregman



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