Sakura Hime

Name: Sakura Hime
Creator/designer: CLAMP
Series: Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle


Sakura is a princess from the Kingdom of Clow who has her memories separated from her body to parallel dimensions. Having fallen catatonic and being near death, Syaoran, her childhood friend, goes on a quest to recover her memories which took the form of feathers. As a payment for travelling, Sakura loses all the memories she ever had regarding Syaoran, with whom she was in love.


Working hours: 250+
100% done
Debuted: Animecon 2010
Events: Animecon 2010, AnimagiC 2010
Awards: 2nd place at the Eurocosplay Championship preliminaries at Animecon 2010



Reason of creation:
I fell in love with the design of this dress. I never made such a big dres before and I wanted to try it.
I did some research on Chinese Hanfu (where the design is based on) and came more in love with this type of clothing.
I love the work of CLAMP and their designs are beautiful!


Construction details:
The most difficult part are the Chinese “lantern” sleeves. It took me 5 hours to make a good pattern for it. Sadly the sleeves was loosing their shape when I added the big under sleeves because of their weight.
I added a “straight” sleeve (don’t know the english name) under the lantern sleeves so this part is carrying the weight of the undersleeves so the “lantern” sleeves are keeping their shape.


About those bells…
I made them all by hand .
I didn’t want a noisy costume because there are 109 “bells” on it. And making it myself was in my case cheaper than buying tons of bells. So I decided to sculp them from prof. doll clay. I also added flower details on it. It took 3 weeks to make them, making every day a few of them.
The beads are from wood and all handpainted black, I also painted a little pink flower on it.


The flowers on the costume are all hand painted on with fabric paint. I made a pattern for it and the base color needed 4 layers of paint. The details are strass stones, a hand sculped round thingy with flower detail in it (also handmade) and embroidered black lines.

The head piece is made from fake flowers wich I cutted in the shape of a cherryblossom and painted it darker pink on the inside to create more depth.
I added a gold stone and black strass stones.

About the chinese knotting….
ehm wel, I made them from satin chord but…
the flowerknots looked nice right in front of me, but when I did a few steps back it looked like random messy knots.
Since I am a Theatrical person I decided to get rid of the Chinese knotting and made my own “flowers” from some nice rope. So they will look good from a distance and on pictures.

Fabrics I used:
Cotton mix with some synthetic (against the wrinkles).
Viscose mix with some synthetic (same reason).
Gold satin (will never use satin anymore omfg it was a disaster to work with! Except for good quality stuff of course!)


The feather cage thing is made from 2 halve plastic balls wich I glued together. The feather is made from foam, with some 3-D paint and acrylic paint.
The details are from clay and painted gold.


Conclusion about this costume:
My first big dress and my first costume I made when I gained sewing lessons so this is my first costume which is sewing technical perfect Also my first costume which took a lot of time and tested my patient, it took 6 months to complete this project! This costume is very uncomfortable to wear, there is a lot of fabric in it and that makes this costume very heavy. It is also a very warm costume.


Pictures taken by Kees Peters, Designy, Mr. Dummy and Babyentei

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