Winter Spirit

Name: Winter Spirit
Creator/designer: Ilona Arends


When the Spirit of the Winter appears
everything turns pure white
and the time get frozen.
As long as the Winter Spirit reign,
the nature and all the living
get the time to rest and heal
until her spot will be claimed by Spring

Working hours: 50 – 80
100% done
Debuted: December 2011


Reason of creation:
At college we have once a year a stage presentation with the whole class. We made up a theme which was winter in the 19th century. We had to make a make-up design and a costume and make it complete with a stage presentation.


Construction details:
The design is inspirated by the winter and the 19th century.

The dress is made from bridal satin and chiffon silk for the icy part. I airbrushed the edges and sewed spangles on it. I lined everything with blue lining which gives the dress a blue glow.

For the wig I used a white wig as a base and white extensions. I made a little “pillow” and sewed the extensions on it to make the higher part and sewed it on the wig and added the details.


Conclusion about this costume:
For an immortal human this costume is too cold to wear in the winter, I need to wear some clothes under it or else I will freeze. It is an unpractical costume, the sleeves are long and clumsy and the wide hoop makes it difficult to navigate through small places. I have discovered that in the snow I will almost fully disapear with this dress on.


Pictures taken by Patricia Arends

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